The Future

You adventure golf course we hope will bring lots of fun to your visitors and may they keep returning.

An adventure golf course that is well designed, maintained and run efficiently will attract visitors who will want to return time after time and will recommend it to others.

Over time elements may wear out or become damaged, visitors will expect to see courses in an excellent state of repair, elements or courses that look badly maintained can result in a loss of business and reputation. Castle Golf (UK) courses are designed and built to last.

Eventually all courses will need some maintenance, upgrading and other alterations. Through we believe this time frame is longer on our course.

Castle Golf (UK) offers a maintenance and/or refurbishment service to help keep your course in the best of condition. Everything from repairs to the surfaces to creating new statues or modifying existing features. It is far cheaper to keep on top of the maintenance then to let it slip and find major refurbishment is required.

Why not call us and see what we can offer?