While the design and and build is taking place, it is advisable to start your marketing campaign. It is no good opening and finding no one knows about your adventure golf course.

Initially you will only have artists impressions and course layout plans, these should enable you to get some display boards, posters and press releases prepared for social media and other news services.


What business does not have a website these days?

It will contain details on your location, opening/closing times costs and other legally required information, such as information on health and safety and a complaints procedure.

You may want to include:
Opening and Closing Times
Details on Course(s)
Pricing and Discounts
Online Booking/Payments?

Frequently Asked Questions?
Other Legal information

As the build progresses you can update your site with images of the build taking place, and finally images of the completed course.

This is another service for which we can provide assistance.