Design and preparation


Before embarking on a project, look at your location, the ideal placement for your adventure golf course will have other attractions around you, This will ensure you have plenty of “footfall” – passing trade from which you can gain business.

With the right environment all the attractions and traders in the area will gain trade from each other.


You will need a theme that appeals to the visitors. This may tie in with the other attractions in the area. Once you have decided on a theme, our design team will work with you, coming up with a design that fits your thoughts and ideas.

Remember, your visitors may need to visit the booth twice, one at the start to pay and collect the necessary items to use your adventure course, and, perhaps at the end to return them (and to collect prizes if that is part of your marketing campaign?)

At all times we will discuss what you are trying to achieve and what costs may be incurred during the construction stage.

Safety is paramount and will be built into the design, helping protect your staff and visitors while they are on site. No one wants injuries on site and they are just not good for business.

The design process may take some time as there will be a considerable amount of communication required, comparing and modifying designs until what is seen on paper, is what you want in reality.