Building your course


Once the design has been finalised, a visit for further examination of your site will be conducted. As with the design ensuring your visitors will be safe, risk assessments will be completed before any work is started to ensure all the construction workers will also be safe. Where elements over and above any generic routine policies and procedures are required, these will be written and agreed by all parties.

Project plans and time lines will be have agreed as part of the design process, but these may need some revision when the site is reviewed.

The Build

The site will be cordoned off and from this point only authorised personnel will be allowed to enter site. All persons will be required to abide by site health and safety policies and procedures.

During this time there may be heavy machinery around site, we would recommend keeping your neighbours informed of your progress, especially if it may have an affect, albeit temporary, on your neighbours.

The length of time the build will take can be affected by many external factors, many of which are not under the control of Castle Golf (UK) or can not be foreseen, for example, the most common delay, especially on on outdoor sites is the weather.

Whatever the delay, providing there is some ability to control the situation, Castle Golf (UK) will do its utmost to complete your adventure golf course build in time and ready for opening day.